Poetry Thursday-ish #8

Years ago when I was writing poetry more often, I thought a good name for a collection would be Tree With a Heart. That name has sort of stuck with me even as my delusions of grandeur have passed. I don’t know if I ever wrote a poem with that title, but this morning the words to one just flowed. Also, I realize it’s been almost a year since I posted my last poem. I love October and Autumn and there must be something about this time of year that shakes the words a little looser than normal. I’m grateful for that. 20171010_102816

Tree With a Heart

Tree with a heart
carved into it
the years ago
of you
and I
the days of
and kisses
and stolen
when clouds
were gray and
eyes bright
and leaves
of red
and a pocket
sealed our fate
our love
at least
the ages
into a last
and lone

Poetry Thursday-ish #7

I haven’t blogged in forever. Nor have I written a poem in forever. Life happens and sometimes – ok, a lot of times – I forget to slow down and think and write about it. Two days ago I had a feeling I couldn’t shake, a sort of nostalgia mixed with déjà vu. And as I slowed down and thought about how I was feeling and why, this poem came out.
Something about the oldness


Something about the oldness
of the days the feeling
of years of winters and
storms and lives lived
and the realness the
grit in the ground under
my fingernails cold breath
pulled away by the wind
down dark
alleyways away
from where I am now
thoughts of you and
the oldness
now creeping in my bones
the clouds
always closer
the gray in my hair
and feet that no longer
fingers that
no longer stretch
for every unseen thing
wrapped instead
around seconds trying
to get away
like smoke
from the stacks of ancient
abandoned factories
and the mountains
my old friends
look down with kind
sad eyes and I know
they know
this feeling

Poetry Thursday #6

Back when both myself and this blog were much younger, I started doing Poetry Thursdays, where I’d post an old poem I’d written. For whatever reason I stopped doing it. But seeing as how I’ve been horrible at blogging lately, and seeing as how it’s a Thursday and I just wrote my first poem in a very long time, it seemed obvious to bring it back.

It was raining like crazy all day yesterday, and I took this picture through the window.


It gave me the first line to this poem, and the rest just kinda spilled out today. Hope you like it.


the rain turned the world into a watercolor today
and I watched the rivers
the window as I waited
to hear your voice
the chill of late April
the promise of flowers
but who knows
they’ll ever bloom
who knows
if you’ll ever
come back
or if the rain
will just wash