It Takes Work

Look at that picture again.


Why are you still here?

Well, since you are, I’ll elaborate a little on what Batman is telling you.

In the last five years I’ve been able to accomplish some of my bigger personal goals. I worked on a comic book movie. I worked on a Disney animated film. I wrote a book that got published.

I’m not trying to brag, I’m trying to illustrate a point.

A few people have told me they wish they could do some of those things.

Guess what? They can. There’s no secret to it, just like there’s no secret to any success in life. You work hard, you hustle, and you try to be in the right place at the right time.

Sometimes you win.

Sometimes you lose.

It’s hard.

It’s supposed to be.

I’m not telling you I never procrastinate. I do. I’ve probably wasted hours looking at baby English bulldogs.

I mean seriously, how adorable are these little guys?

But I’ve also been able to buckle down and get things done.

Because I had dreams and goals and didn’t just sit there wishing they’d come true.

I wanted them, and I worked for them.

Comic book artist/writer Faith Erin Hicks tweeted something a while back that really stuck with me.

She said, “What did you do this weekend to get closer to your goal of working in comics?”

Substitute “working in comics” with “writing a book” or whatever your goal is, and then think about it.

What did you do?

And more importantly, what are you going to do now?

It’s not going to fall in your lap.

You have to work for it.

But you can do it.

I believe in you.

And so does Batman.


2 responses to “It Takes Work

  1. Haha. Batman always believes in you. And you never want to disappoint him 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and for the nice words! Best of luck with your writing!

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