OLDSOUL in Turkey!

I have something to confess. I know very little about the country of Turkey. (other than poor Kemal Pamuk on Downton Abbey hailed from there) So I looked it up, and it’s actually a quite fascinating country. It borders Greece to the West, Iran to the East, and Iraq and Syria to the South, along with four other countries. It’s one of six independent Turkic States, and its largest city, Istanbul, was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. It sounds like a pretty incredible place.

But why am I talking about Turkey? Because my awesome agent Kathleen and the fine folks at Pendrell have sold the rights to Oldsoul there, and it will be published in Turkey next year! I’m extremely excited about it and can’t thank Kathleen and Kamilla enough for their hard work. It’s tiny, but if you click on the picture below, you can see the announcement that ran in today’s Publisher’s Marketplace.


6 responses to “OLDSOUL in Turkey!

  1. Whoo hoo! But rather than “Where is Turkey” I’m curious to know “What language do they actually speak there?” Turkish? And what will be the biggest challenge for the translation in that language?

  2. Thank you so much guys! Kathleen did an awesome job and I’m super excited!

    @Kimberlee. I had to look it up. It is indeed Turkish. And I have no idea how hard it’s going to be to translate. Yikes. (hello is merhaba, and goodbye is hoşça kalın. Thank you internets)

  3. Thanks Tara! I’m excited. Why did Constantinople get the works? Why, that’s nobody’s business but the Turks’ 🙂

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