ARCs, Pre-Order and Website

It’s been a busy last week or so. First of all, something kind of amazing finally happened. On Friday I picked up the mail, and there was a brown package addressed to me. I’d been waiting a few weeks for it, and I knew exactly what it was. I hurried inside and opened it with my wife, and I pulled out these.

That’s right. My book is actually a book! It still doesn’t quite seem real to me. But I can pick it up, flip through it, even put it on a bookshelf. Crazy. Now, these aren’t the final copies. They’re called Advance Reading/Reader Copies, or ARCs for short. They’re mainly to check for errors and also to send out to reviewers and bloggers. But still, it’s a physical book! I’m still kind of digesting this fact. Only four more months until it goes out into the world. Yikes.

Moving along to other news, before my head explodes. My book is now available for pre-order at It’s only $8.45, which is about the cost of a movie ticket. So not too shabby! Stroll on over and take a look if you want.

And last but not least, I finally got around to getting my website going at My friend Jon was kind enough to set it up for me, and I’ve had a fun week adjusting it using my scant html skills. It still has some work to be done, but please feel free to check it out!


7 responses to “ARCs, Pre-Order and Website

  1. Ordered my book today. Can’t wait to read it and have it personally signed by the author. Also pinned the book cover on my pintrest, Hopefully, that will give you some more publicity. Saw that Ryan posted the Barnes & Nobel link on Facebook. So excited for you Dan.

  2. Thank you guys so much! I’m really excited about it!

    Thanks for ordering it and putting it on pintrest Dianne! I hope you like 🙂

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