I started this year’s NaNoWriMo with the best of intentions. It was the first time I’d participated in it, and I was excited to plow though my manuscript, racking up the word count. But things didn’t work out that way. About a week into November, my agent wanted me to do revisions on what I had so far of my current WIP, so my focus shifted to that. I kept track of my word count though, and ended up with 11011 words. (Which is totally a palindromic number 🙂 It’s not too shabby, but well short of the 50k mark. I’m really happy with where my story is at this point though, and the plan my agent has laid out is a great one. But I’m still a little disappointed I wasn’t able to devote more time to NaNo. But, just like baseball season and lousy birthdays, there’s always next year to look forward to! I know a few people, including my sister-in-law Tara, who completed NaNo, and am super stoked for them. But I’m a little jealous of the “winner” badges they posted, so I made one of my own for the. uh, non-winners. But hey, at least we tried!


3 responses to “NaNope!

  1. That is awesome. Great job on the “loser” badge! Lol.

    But you are so not a loser. Revisions for your agent trumps NaNo any day, and you *still* managed a pretty impressive word count this month. Nice job! You are definitely a winner. 🙂

  2. Thanks Tara and Kristin! I’m not super bummed or anything. Just one of those things I want to do eventually and thought I had a chance to this year. But I’m definitely happy with where things are.

    Glad you liked the badge 🙂

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