Thoughts on Halloween/Song of the Week: Misfits

When I was growing up, I couldn’t wait to go trick or treating. It was that glorious time of year where gray skies and red and yellow leaves prevailed. I remember waiting for night to fall so we could run around town trying to fill our pillow cases with candy. There was an electricity in the air as the sky grew dark. We lived in a very small town. No one was worried about bad people. No one had ever heard of a trunk or treat. All around town groups of ghouls roamed the streets in search of candy.

Unfortunately, things change. I sent my kids off to school in their costumes today because that’s when the school is celebrating it. Tonight we’re going to a trunk or treat for our church. And I’m sure the kids will enjoy it. But come Monday, on Halloween, we’re going trick or treating. We’re going to run through the streets of suburbia and have fun. My kids are too young to head out on their own, but I hope in a few years they’ll want to. I want them to enjoy the holiday. I want them to have fun getting scared and being scary and filling up on (parent inspected) candy. I want my kids to remember Halloween.

PS. The Misfits are an awesome band. Check them out!

Bonus song!

I talked about AFI’s All Hallows EP last week. This cover of Halloween is another song off of it. (the last couple minutes are just creepy noises 🙂


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