Song of the Week/Quote of the Day

I love music. For about 80% of my waking hours, I’m listening to some sort of music. And of that time, very little of what I listen to gets played on the radio. I’m not saying I’m ultra hip and have better taste than everyone else, or that everything on the radio is horrible. My tastes do tend to be pretty broad though, and the radio is very limited in what they play. Anyway, I thought I’d steal an idea of my good friend Mandie, and post some music once a week. It won’t always be obscure, because hey, there’s got to be something to what’s on the radio if they keep playing it. But hopefully if you check back you’ll hear something new and maybe even something that you like.

This week’s song is by the band Metric. I’m actually not even sure how I first heard them, but I really like their sound. I finally picked up their latest album Fantasies last week, and have been listening pretty much nonstop. One of my favorite songs on the album is Twilight Galaxy (nothing to do with sparkly vampires. Kinda sad that if you use the word Twilight now you have to qualify it like that.) I love the album version of the song, but then I came across this acoustic version and fell in love again.  I hope you like it too!

“Did they tell you
You should grow up
When you wanted to dream?

Did they warn you
Better shape up
If you want to succeed?

I don’t know about you
Who are they talking to?
They’re not talking to me”


7 responses to “Song of the Week/Quote of the Day

  1. I think Mandie has inspired me today too. Thinking of blogging some music every week too but I won’t steal your idea 😉 I’ve never heard of Metric but this song is amazing. I will have to look into more of their music!

  2. So excited about this post! Can’t wait for some super cool music. I need some diversity (small southern town…there’s not much..haha).
    I’m torn….I like them both! Both good in their own way. I’ll leave it at that cause I can’t choose!

  3. @Amy, Feel free to steal this idea, I don’t think Mandie would mind too much 🙂 Glad you liked it!

    @Mandie. Yay! I hope you like the stuff I put up. (It’s totally ok if you don’t) I’m torn too. Kinda like what’s the better version, acoustic or album version of Nirvana’s Pennyroyal Tea? Some things are too hard to decide.

  4. Cool! Glad you liked it Shelby 🙂 If you click around Youtube they do a couple more songs from the album in that same setting. Amazing stuff.

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