Best Comic Book Cover of the Week

Wednesday is the glorious day of the week on which new comic books hit the stands. Although I’m not able to buy too many these days, I still love seeing what’s coming out. There’s a great comic book website called, and every Wednesday they post previews of the comics coming out for the week. I decided it would be fun to every Wednesday do a quick post on my favorite cover of the week. This isn’t about which artist or characters I like best, but about the artwork that draws me in the most. Yes, it’s a totally subjective concept, and yes, I’m drawn to certain artists and characters. But I’ll try to be objective. This week there were actually two that really caught my attention, and I couldn’t pick. So two it is! (this was supposed to be up on Wednesday, but I got behind on stuff. Oops)

First up, Ryan Ottley’s cover to Invincible 81. Yes, I’m a huge Invincible fanboy, and Ryan is an incredible artist. But this cover is just gorgeous. I love the dark clouds and the feeling were milliseconds away from a huge, shattering impact as the two characters meet. The color palette is perfect and adds to the intensity of the moment.




The other cover that really stood out to me is Jock’s Detective Comics #880. Jock has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Not only is he insanely skilled, his cover art is always striking, and always feels like nothing I’ve seen before. That’s saying a lot when you’re working on a comic that’s been in publication for over 70 years. Yet each issue is something to behold. I don’t know if there’s ever been a creepier version of the Joker done, and that’s also saying a lot. The use of the bats is ingenious and is an example of the way Jock brings a fresh look to things.

Thanks for reading! Come back next week for another round!


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