Midway Checkup

This post is quite late. I had planned on posting it the last day of June, since my new baby girl was supposed to be born June 2nd via C-section. She decided to come early though, and at 8:33 PM June 30th, our new little girl arrived and made our family complete. She’s a doll and we love her. She’s a good sleeper too, which is fantastic.

The point of this post was that I wanted to do a mid-year check-in, and take a look at how I’m doing on my new year’s resolutions/goals. So I’ll list them again, as well as how I’m doing with each one.

1. Publish my book. This is actually getting really close. Can’t say much more about it at the moment, but I’m excited about some recent news. More to come…

2. Finish my next book. This one has taken the backseat for most of this year, though I’m a couple thousand words into it so far. But it might have to wait longer, depending on what’s going on with my first book.

3. Finish my short film and get it into festivals. Happy to say this one is finally crossed off! As noted in my last post, my film played at the Palm Springs ShortFest and has actually won awards at two other fests. So excited about this.

4. Blog at least twice a month. Unfortunately I’ve pretty much been doing the bare minimum on this one. But at least I haven’t missed a month so far.

5. Create something every week. This one was kind of a nebulous goal. I think I’ve done a pretty good job. In addition to work, I’ve been doing some side art projects that have been fun. Still need to do more though.

6. Read tons. 100 books was my goal for this year. Right now I’m at 44, so I’m in pretty good shape. Need to keep it up though.

7. Draw and write at least three times a week. I know it hasn’t been as often as that, but I’ve done an ok job of writing. Way less drawing. Need to work harder at that. It wasn’t one of my official goals, but I also finished the first draft of a screenplay I’ve been working on for a while.

8. Make more comics. So far I’ve only done one, which is how many I did last year. But I’ve got one planned for Halloween. Two is still more than one, right? Wish I had more time for this.

9. Get a job that allows me more time with my family. Still working on this one, and it’s still my main goal. Unfortunately my current job takes even more of my family time. Hopefully things will change in the next few months though.

Overall I guess I’m not doing too bad. But as always, there’s plenty of room for improvement. It’s been a pretty good year so far, and I’m looking forward to the second half. I hope yours is great!


4 responses to “Midway Checkup

  1. Thanks Marni! Running marathons is something I will probably never do, so you’ve totally got that on me 🙂

  2. Thank you Chad! I respect you a lot and really appreciate your comment, I hope you’re doing well! (ps. I see Andy around work once in a while.)

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