Take Me Out to the Ballgame

I love this time of year. March Madness is winding down, the NBA is heading into finals, and the beautiful sport of baseball is starting its season. Today is a great day, because today is Opening Day. Last year I talked about baseball and how it reflects life in a lot of ways, and I still think it does. Last season was rough for Angels fans, but a great one for Giants fans. The Angels beat the Giants in the 2002 World Series. Last year the Giants won it all and the Angels finished third in their division, not even making the playoffs. That’s how baseball goes. That’s how life goes.

But today, everyone is in first place. Every team has a clean slate and no losses to weigh them down. Everybody has a chance to hold that trophy high on a chilly autumn night. Between now and then will be months of blood and sweat and tears. There will be winners and losers, heroes and villains, moments of success and moments where it falls inches short.  We’ll be inspired and dejected. Thrilled and dismayed. And every day there will be a chance to go out and prove that yesterday wasn’t a fluke, or that yesterday won’t ever happen again. There will be a chance to prove that today can be overcome, no matter who the opponent is. That’s baseball. That’s life. I couldn’t be more happy to be alive today.

Play ball.


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