My wife isn’t a big Valentine’s Day fan. She thinks it’s silly to have one day set apart where you’re supposed to show affection by buying overpriced flowers and other such demonstrations of “love”. She would much rather I bought her flowers on some random Thursday, or do something else that spoils her or makes her feel special. I agree. No matter how cool or thoughtful your Valentine’s Day present is, it was still dictated to you by a date on the calendar. I’m not saying this approach works for everyone, but for us it does. At the same time, I like the idea of giving her something on Valentine’s Day. So five years ago I started making her mixes of songs that express how I feel for her, and it’s become a tradition that I really look forward to (and hopefully she does too). I finished this year’s mix Saturday, and this is one of my favorite songs from it.

Drifting alone on a wide open sea, letting life pass me by
Avoiding everything I’m afraid to be, but your heart shines a light
Lost in my own misery, till you came and helped me see
That I don’t have to be alone
Thank you for giving this lost heart a home


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